BoxChamp is a revolutionary Member Management & Performance Tracking Platform built for gyms & their athletes

Gym Features

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Take care of all your admin seamlessly while managing & tracking your athletes through one revolutionary platform. BoxChamp allows you to focus on the reason you wake up everyday, to train & to coach, the rest is up to us.

Booking System
A fully customisable system for you to create classes that your athletes can sign up for

Attendance Reporting
View a report of who has & who hasn’t been attending their booked classes

Easily manage your facilities, membership packages & receivables

Debit Orders
We’ve integrated with SagePay, Threepeaks & PayU to help make your athlete payments easier

Athlete Features

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BoxChamp was not only built for gyms but it was built for you, the athletes, too. We put special care into making sure that tracking your performance, amongst other features, is a simple task that will help to up your game in the gym.

Class Booking
View your gym’s classes & book your spot to ensure that there is enough space for when you want to train

A daily logbook for WOD’s that over time will create a detailed report of your progress

A virtual whiteboard with a live feed of athlete performances as they’re logged

Nutrition Log
Keep track of what you eat & drink throughout the day using the Nutrition Logbook.

The BoxChamp Platform

Built For All Devices

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Our responsive web application has been designed and built to work seamlessly from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

We also have an iOS and Android application. To download it follow the applicable link:

Download for iOS
Download for Android


Next Level Reporting

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Our reporting system is interactive and user friendly, allowing athletes and coaches to generate reports for any training aspect necessary.

See how you’ve progressed from day one of your performance tracking to present day all within an impressive graphing system that makes viewing your progress better than ever.

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Intuitive User Interface

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“I’ve always been a fan of tracking progress. Measuring your training is essential in finding where your time and hard work is paying off and what is giving you positive results. Keeping track and logging your scores should actually be as routinely natural as the warm up before or recovery after a WOD. Having a tracking system that is a simple click away, is a no-brainer.”

− Christian Oman, Head Coach, Cape CrossFit

BoxChamp Blog

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South Africa

BoxChamp costs R12.50 per month per active member. Minimum of R750pm up to 60 members and capped at R2,000 per month (160 members +).

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